• 精密机械零部件加工的5个阶段
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    Precision machinery parts processing is generally precision machinery parts and components for processing production, which requires to achieve precision is very high, so we in addition to understand the specific requirements of the precision machinery parts processing on the material and the skills of precision machinery parts processing, should also be to understand the precision machinery parts processing process, what are the steps, the following los work processing and share with you the five stages of precision machinery parts processing.

    1. The rough machining

    The main concern is to increase productivity. Most of the machining allowance of each machining surface is removed and processed to the precision standard.

    2. Semi-finishing

    It is mainly to remove the possible defects after rough machining and finish the processing of secondary surface at the same time. A certain precision must be achieved in order to prepare for the finishing stage and ensure the proper finishing allowance.

    3. The finishing

    In the finishing stage, large cutting speed, small feed and cutting depth are mainly used to cut the machining margin left by semi-finishing, so that the surface of precision machinery parts can meet the technical requirements of the drawing.

    4. Finishing

    It is mainly used to reduce the surface roughness or strengthen the processed surface.

    5. Ultra-precision machining

    It is mainly used for precision cutting, fine mirror grinding, precision grinding and polishing to make the workpiece processing accuracy in 0.1-0.01 microns, surface roughness ra≤0.001 microns.


    The five stages of precision mechanical parts processing are from coarse to fine, and gradually refined. After the five stages of processing, the precision of mechanical parts can meet the requirements of customers. Luogong focuses on precision machinery parts processing and manufacturing, can according to customer demand to process, produce customer satisfaction precision machinery parts.