• 钣金加工行业的发展正全面开花
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    钣金加工行业发展前景好 近年来,我国的钣金行业发展很快。据统计,2012年我国钣金加工业总产值已达到4200亿元。钣金行业是激光切割机床和焊接机床最重要的应用市场之一。这一蓬勃发展的巨大市场,为激光加工(laser oem)机床在钣金行业的规模化应用提供了广阔空间。而且随着我国的技术发展,现在很多的钣金加工企业和行业开始不断的改进,对于我国的钣金加工行业来开,从钣金加工厂行业前景来看,很多的业内人士认为钣金激光加工行业前景还是很好的,但是随着长久的发展,很多的企业还是存在着一些的弊端的。 一、设备陈旧 就设备情况而言,目前国内很大一部分的激光钣金加工企业基本上还停留在小作坊的生产模式,一般只有一两台冲床加一台折弯机,条件好一点的可能会增添一台激光切割机。目前个人所见的大部分冲床基本上都还是比较低端的冲床,没有设置自动落料口,吹气装置等,甚至有些机器的编程软件仍然停留在DOS时代,只是在比较大的一些外企以及高新技术企业才会使用FMS等设备。这些极大地影响了企业的竞争力。 二、技术落后 国内某大型国企拥有很多大型钣金激光加工设备,多数购买于七八年前,由于员工流动原因,在交接时技术/经验往往不能完全被新手所接受,接受程度只有大约50%左右。到后来设备虽然先进(如FMS),但是仍然被当作普通复合机来使用,而且制造过程中,并不使用微连接,机床的效率不能最大化。 三、信息闭塞 现今,信息更新速度之快令人应接不暇,但是个人所接触到的企业的主管几乎很少花时间来查阅相关信息,更不用说有专门搞情报和信息收集的专门部门了。

    The development prospects of sheet metal processing industry are good. In recent years, China's sheet metal industry has developed rapidly. According to statistics, the total output value of sheet metal processing industry in China reached 420 billion yuan in 2012. Sheet metal industry is one of the most important application markets of laser cutting machine tools and welding machine tools. This vigorous development of the huge market provides a broad space for the large-scale application of laser OEM machine tools in sheet metal industry. And with the development of technology in our country, many sheet metal processing enterprises and industries begin to improve constantly. For the sheet metal processing industry in our country, from the perspective of sheet metal processing plant industry, many insiders believe that the future of sheet metal laser processing industry is still very good, but with the long-term development, many. Enterprises still have some drawbacks. 1. As far as equipment is concerned, at present, a large part of domestic laser sheet metal processing enterprises still remain in the production mode of small workshops. Generally, there are only one or two punches plus one bender. A better condition may add one laser cutting machine. At present, most of the punches that I see are still relatively low-end punches. There are no automatic discharge ports, blowing devices and so on. Even some of the programming software of the machines still stays in the DOS era. Only some large foreign enterprises and high-tech enterprises will use FMS and other equipment. These have greatly affected the competitiveness of enterprises. 2. A large state-owned enterprise with backward technology owns a lot of large sheet metal laser processing equipment. Most of them were purchased seven or eight years ago. Because of staff turnover, the technology/experience during handover is often not fully accepted by novices, and the acceptance level is only about 50%. Later, although the equipment was advanced (such as FMS), it was still used as a general compound machine. In the manufacturing process, micro-connection was not used, and the efficiency of machine tools could not be maximized. Third, information is blocked nowadays, the speed of information updating is too fast to cope with, but the managers of enterprises contacted by individuals rarely spend time to consult relevant information, let alone have specialized departments for intelligence and information collection.